Сhanging the rules of boring trading: entertrading is born

Unlike banks and previous generation exchanges, who are using the primitive, brutal, and fun-less old-school banking system, we’we making trading elementarily understandable, engaging, and TLC no matter where you are 24/7.

We’re going the same place banking and exchanges are trying to go but faster by an order of magnitude. Entertrading (marrying entertainment+trading) means now crypto trading and using our exchange is as cool as playing CS:GO, for example.

This is our Core team

Our 3 musketeers fighting for you and for the Great crypto Justice

Pavel Shkitin

Alexander Petrovich

Denis Korablev

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer

I’ve dedicated 5 years of my life to develop enterprise cloud systems and e-commerce solutions plus 5 years in the blockchain industry so that I can create an exchange that brings everyone entertrading and regular income.

I used 13 years’ experience in backend development, 5 years’ experience in financial services development, and 9 years in the blockchain industry to provide only the next-gen tech with uncomparable security and unmatched speed.

I used my 12 years’ experience in frontend development and UI/UX to pack all the users’ needs into a lightning-fast design in which you can trade 24/7.


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an email: listing@nominex.io

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